‘Wacaday welcome’

The foam mallet landed softly on a head many years after Timmy Mallet and his mallet were the staple diet of a popular children’s TV programme, Wacaday (Wide Awake Club). This time, it was welcoming visitors to the Christian Resources Exhibition, which took place on 4-5 March at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry. 

Timmy was with a former comedy sparring partner, Don Maclean, to open the exhibition. He then talked about his 4,000-kilometre cycle ride on the Camino, inspired by his late brother, Martin, who had Down’s syndrome. 

Timmy’s clothing was glaringly colourful, but he was outdone by some of the outfits worn later in the day by clergy, such as the Rev Kina Robertshaw, a curate at St Peter’s Bromyard, in the diocese of Hereford, who took to the catwalk to show the latest in clerical clothing from four exhibitors at the Exhibition. 

Steve Goddard, managing director of CRE, said: “People are naturally concerned about the coronavirus, but in spite of that I was delighted that the exhibitors and visitors felt able to support the Exhibition.”

CRE National 2020 will be at Sandown Park, Surrey, from 13-14 October. For more information, visit www.creonline.co.uk.

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