Todd Dulaney’s ‘Back To The Book’ by Milton B. Allan

The Africa Worship Experience Part Two.

“Experiencing worship in both Africa and the UK continues to expand my thinking and possibilities of how to express myself to God in praise. With this project in particular, I knew we’d all be able to speak one language – and that’s the Word of God. So Back To The Book is my way of singing in the language that no matter where you’re from, the Book unites us all.”

– Todd Dulaney

Todd Dulaney’s latest release, Back To The Book, is a powerful testimony of faith. The three-song EP is literally the Word of God in song: singing Scripture over the ever-evolving, soul-stirring sound that is distinctly that of Todd Dulaney Ministries. Released by eOne Nashville, the tracks are ‘Proverbs 3 (Tablet of Your Heart)’, ‘Psalms 18 (I Will Call On The Name)’ and ‘Psalms 23 (He’s A Strong Tower)’.

When asked by The Christian Post how God has breathed on this project differently from the others, Todd emphatically said he has been ina whole new “dimension” since he has been obedient to the prophetic word and recorded his new project. 

Todd attributes much of his spiritual growth in music to his music ministry travels abroad. Specifically, Todd points to the spiritual and transformative Africa Worship Experience. When this writer asked Todd what he takes home from Africa, this is how he expressed the experience: “I take the power of ‘no impossibilities’ in the Africa Worship Experience. I bring that back home. Not just me, but my whole band. We come back home, knowing that we’ve seen some things that you don’t see on a regular basis in America. We come back home with what is a new perspective of what’s possible in the presence of God. There are no impossibilities. When you bring that type of faith back home with you, people can tell that something’s different about the way you are pressing into worship. Being in Africa caused us to evolve as worshippers. It shifted our sound.  

It caused us to have a little bit more grit to get what we need in the presence of God.”

Since the EP release, all three songs have rocketed to the top of Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs and Gospel Digital Sales charts. It is expected they will be sitting there for quite a while. The full live album, entitled Anthems and Glory, will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. 

“I am prouder of this musical work than anything I’ve ever done in my life,” says Todd. “To be able to put melody to the Book that has changed my life and those of so many others is a complete honour.”

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