The Bridge by Tina Boyle-Whyte

The United Kingdom has just entered into a major shift in the year 2020. BREXIT! So many layers to think about and its impact on the country. But, more importantly, it is the impact that it has on you as an individual. So much uncertainty! The trickle-down impact of your individual lives as citizens of the UK is yet to be revealed. When speaking to friends and family in London, there are many mixed feelings and uncertainty. I understand!

Has BREXIT caused you to face a crossroad in your life? Moreover, have you found yourself in a place of uncertainty, wondering what to do and where to go? Similar to the children of Israel in the Bible, they were confronted by the Jordan River. Any large body of water can be truly confrontational. How many Jordans are there in your life? The children of Israel needed a miracle. Have you found yourself needing a miracle? I certainly have. They needed a bridge (metaphorically) to get over to the other side, as we often do. I assure you that you are not alone at the crossroads of your life. Some people have a bridge to traverse, while others find themselves stuck waiting to get to the other side. Today, I encourage you to KEEP THE FAITH and cross over that bridge! 

Thus, I am excited to introduce ‘The Bridge’, a new column in Keep The Faith magazine. I am committed to propelling you to think beyond your limitations, to reach for new heights beyond your circumstances, and to receive all that God has designed for your life before the beginning of time. As Philippians 1:6 (KJV) states: “being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ”. It is God’s plan for you to have all that He has designed for your life. 

Why ‘The Bridge’? As your international host of ‘The Bridge’, I will bring you an encouraging, inspirational and thought-provoking word that will propel you to move from where you are to where you want and need to be. 

My love for London is very deep; it truly has a special place in my heart. It was in London where the Lord led me to a conference at Fairfield Hall in Croydon, where I met my husband in 2007. We have been married now for 10 years. We have a son who is a phenomenal percussionist, who lives and travels around London and throughout Europe, making a difference in people’s lives musically.  

I come to London frequently. When we visit London, we visit two churches that my husband was affiliated with: New Testament Assembly Tooting Church with Bishop Delroy Powell and First Lady Marcelle Powell, and Wesleyan Holiness Church in Harrow Green with Overseer Ruth Lowe. 

I have been the host of the Bridge Broadcast Show on WYTV7 Christian Broadcast Network ( for the past three seasons. 

The Bridge Broadcast Show provides a Christian perspective on transformation on three different levels: Spirit, Soul, and Body. Our primary focus is on true transformation. Ultimately, it is our desire to see people reach their God-given potential on every level.

Since starting my show, I have created the Journey Conference. This conference is designed to help people acknowledge and appreciate their journey from past, present to future perspective. The Journey Conference will be in London in May 2020. Please follow me at Tina Boyle Whyte on social media to learn more.

As the host of ‘The Bridge’ column, I look forward to walking and growing with you in your journey of life. 

Tina Boyle-Whyte is a Transformation Coach. She develops interactive reflective experiences that prompt individuals to unearth areas that have been dormant and unresolved. She uses multiple tools to help people to become unstuck and tap into their potential. Tina Boyle-Whyte can be found at and at

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