Book brings to light the importance of prayer in effective/impactful Christ-like living

Seeing the powerlessness of Christians because of prayerlessness compelled Rev. Emmanuel Oghene to pen “Jesus’ Prayer Prescriptions” (published by Xlibris UK). This latest publication aims to empower and restore a fervent prayer lifestyle among readers.

“Jesus’ Prayer Prescriptions” discusses about prayers based on Jesus’ passionate and purposeful persistent prayer endeavors. It offers a detailed account of how, why, where, when and frequency with which Jesus prayed. The book explores the contributions of prayer to Jesus’ exploits, which are detailed in the synoptic Gospels — Bible books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

“Prayer is inevitable to accomplishing God’s plan for one’s life,” the author reminds. “There are things God will not do unless Christians talk to Him about them. There are things God will not do unless Christians command them into existence. Christians have a responsibility to command/decree and demand as appropriate, for God’s angels to enforce God’s will and plan in every generation.”

The publication of “Jesus’ Prayer Prescriptions” intends to underscore the importance that Jesus placed on prayer and for His prayer practices to form a guide for the reader to fashion his/her lifestyle after.

“Jesus’ Prayer Prescriptions”

By Rev. Emmanuel Oghene

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 346 pages | ISBN 9781984592934

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 346 pages | ISBN 9781984592910

E-Book | 346 pages | ISBN 9781984592927

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About the Author

Rev. Emmanuel Oghene can be described as a “Paper-pulpit Pastor” and Bible preacher by publication. He is divinely ordained to teach, preach and publish the Gospel of Christ Jesus and has been teaching and preaching since 1994. He began to publish in 2004 and is now the author of over 50 books. He presides over Emmanuel Oghenebrorhie Ministries, which encompasses several arms. He makes the working word of God relevant to daily living in order to prepare the saints for heaven. Oghene is also the executive director of International Bible Bulletin.

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