Out now – “You Are” by Emmanuel Smith

“You Are” Video https://youtu.be/ZIkUfhMOj_M

Recorded at Reply Planett in Ghana, the song is about the goodness of God inspite of all the things happening around.

Emmanuel: “I was inspired to write this song because I realised that I was wasn’t giving enough credit or thanks to God for the things He had done in my life because I was so focused on what wasn’t working in my life or what I lacked.”

Emmanuel Smith is a singer/songwriter who is highly proficient in touching people through the art of music and also inspiring others with his words and actions.

His greatest desire is to inspire lives and to give people hope through the things he does.

He was in the live semifinals of THE VOICE UK 2019 and gave some very memorable performances on the show including singing the popular gospel song ‘Made a way’ by Travis Greene.

He was mentored by Will.i.am during his journey on THE VOICE UK.

2019, saw Emmanuel Smith release two singles, PA quite a number of gigs is the UK and Europe, performed in Ghana twice and Nigeria.

Facebook:                   @Emmanuel Smith-Tali

Twitter:                        @Emmanuelsmith

Instagram:                   @emmanuelsmith_

You Tube:                            Emmanuel Smith

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