Robert Pascuzzi’s novel of evil, hope and the afterlife to be adapted into major motion feature

In a world where it seems like all hope seems to be lost, The Ravine provides a shining light. A story laced with tragedy, Robert Pascuzzi’s novel has inspired many to find forgiveness in themselves and faith in God in a new way. 

When Danny Turner kills his wife and son, then kills himself, leaving his oldest son orphaned, it seems as if his family best friends Mitch and Carolyn have their entire lives flipped upside down. With this level of uncertainty in their life, the mystery as to why Danny has committed such an act consumes their lives until they are able to reach their faith and have guidance to understand. 

The Ravine: A Novel of Evil, Hope and The Afterlife brings together elements of faith, grief, and tragedy, and lessons in how to forgive others as well as ourselves. Inspired by real life events, author Robert Pascuzzi writes through the tragedy of losing his best friend and their family, while never being able to find the true answers.

The couple reaches their faith in a very powerful way. When watching the preview, the scene with Pascuzzi’s dear friend Bob Proctor as Reverend Kirkpatrick is deeply moving. With the beautiful scenery in the church, and the glimpse of the speech we see from his character, the energy of the scene is very palpable and will send chills down your back with the power it possesses. 

His scene, along with Leslie Uggams’ character, Joana, give Mitch and Carolyn the greatest force of healing. Through faith and Divine Guidance, Robert Pascuzzi urges readers, and future viewers of the movie, to challenge themselves about forgiveness. 

Although there is no set date, the movie stars Eric Dane, Teri Polo, Leslie Uggams and Peter Facinelli. It is currently in post-production, and viewers can anticipate seeing the film early next year.

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