Gospel for Asia Helps Families on Verge of Starvation in South Asia Survive COVID-19

Gospel for Asia (GFA) a faith-based humanitarian group is helping sustain desperate families who have been pushed to the brink of starvation due to the pandemic. Members of Believers Eastern Church congregations and Sisters of Compassion workers have been distributing emergency supplies in response to the crisis, which also spotlights their ongoing health and wellness efforts to fight disease. They have thousands of congregations and fellowship groups spread throughout India and surrounding nations.  They can buy food locally and economically and can deliver food and support where it is needed most. 

Church feeds 500 people every day 

SP is an ordained Priest in Northern India. Ever since the COVID 19 began affecting the city and especially the area surrounding his parish, he and some believers have stepped up and helped those around them. 

There are a lot of daily wages workers and other poor people around the city and because of the lockdown, they have no jobs and no way to feed their families. SP decided along with some of his church members to feed 500 people per day!

They buy the ingredients and cook the food so that they are able to feed 500 each day. Once the food packs are ready, they take it to the city and keep it in places where they know poorer people live. This is then distributed (taking all precautionary measures not to spread the virus). 

The group have began asking around the community for additional help. The local MLA and government officials have even give the priest a special pass- which helps his get his vehicle around and distribute food even during the lockdown. 

2. 2,000 masks distributed to the villagers during Covid19

Believers Eastern Church had organized a masks distribution program within their surrounding village. 

Pastor A took the initiative to conduct this program under the leadership of Bishop A. As the Coronavirus is spreading everywhere in India, there is the shortage of masks and the people are not able to purchase them. The Diocese Women’s Fellowship team took the initiative to stitch masks for four days continually. 

Pastor A and the believers also were part of mask stitching along with the Women’s Fellowship team. Then they contacted the District Collector to distribute the masks to the needy people. Around 2,000 masks were given to the Police and Health department and distributed it to the villagers. 

Pastor A said, “We, as a church, have learned through our Honourable Metropolitan of Believers Eastern Church that how we should help the poor and needy people of the society.” He also said to every villager, “We must obey the rules of our Indian Government. We should not go outside, stay at home and protect yourself, family and society from corona virus spread.” The entire program was done successfully.

On 31st March 2020, the mask distribution program was done in another village. 

KT is a District Collector. He said, “I took personal interest and instructed the shop keepers to give the clothes as much as Pastor needed that the team would be able to stitch.” The Collector also advised Pastor A to give randomly to e people who will wear and come out from their home but advised the people to use it wisely and give them instruction to take care of their health.

Pray for the people who have received masks that God would protect them from corona virus and also come to know the love of Christ in their lives through this kind act of the church.

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