Coronavirus: Walking With The Wounded Steps Up NHS Support With Launch Of OP-REGEN

Walking With The Wounded a leading military charity has recently launched their new OP-REGEN volunteering project. Providing a vital platform for ex-military personnel and their families to reintegrate back into society, OP-REGEN will also have a meaningful impact on the communities and environment where they reside.

As part of the OP-REGEN project, Walking With The Wounded are working with the Global Production Squad (GPS), providing ex-servicemen and women to work on the front lines to assist those affected by COVID-19, including supporting the NHS at NHS Nightingale, London.

Using the skills they acquired in the military – planning, logistics, coordination and communication – the ex-army involved with the project will work alongside local businesses, councils, schools and individuals to regenerate their communities: empowering them to regain their independence, thrive and contribute in our communities.

Walking With The Wounded is aiding GPS through mobilising two teams that are currently supporting logistics and replenishment at NHS Nightingale, London. Alongside this, GPS are working with their partners for wider opportunities for charity volunteers.

Walking With The Wounded CEO, Ed Parker added:

“As an organisation, WWTW puts ex-military at the heart of everything we do. Sometimes leaving your military brothers and sisters behind can feel like being a lion who has lost his pride in more ways than one. But, when we are able to return them to their pride and purpose, ex-military more often than not regain their ambition, drive and reason to be the difference they were trained to be

Many will find new purpose through employment, but volunteering can also be an effective means of meeting new people, reducing social isolation and discovering activities that increase wellbeing and may lead to employment opportunities.”

Through hiring ex-military staff, GPS has an advantage of a highly disciplined, hard-working and motivated workforce. By providing training, support and expertise, GPS are able to provide the best possible service to their clients, while granting ex-military service men and women a much-needed opportunity at building a meaningful second career.

The relationship between GPS and Walking With The Wounded provides the perfect opportunity for ex-military to once again serve the nation during these uncertain times, whilst being supported by the charity and gaining experience with an employer that is able to recognise and utilise the inherent skills developed whist serving in the armed forces.

Walking With The Wounded is a charity established to support ex-military who have served in the Armed Forces and their families, empowering them to regain their independence, thrive and contribute in our communities. As an organization the charity has adapted and will continue to support our ex-service community during this difficult time. WWTW has worked in partnership with the NHS for many years and during this period  will continue those partnerships to respond wherever possible to support our incredible NHS.

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