Online PR workshop this Thursday

Keep The Faith columnist Marcia Dixon is on a mission to help people understand how to achieve greater success for their initiatives using PR.

This Thursday (May 7 at 7.30pm) she’ll be hosting an online workshop entitled ‘Devising YOUR PR Strategy workshop’ for people working on a project, book, run a small businesses, charity, ministry etc who are keen to create a plan to promote what they do.

Attendees will learn

?insight on PR tools you can use to achieve your objectives, 

?how to devise a strategy that will help you raise awareness and promote your initiatives

? learn how to effectively utilise social media

She will explain, in a jargon free manner, how PR can help you achieve your objectives and I’ll take you through the steps re some of the things you can do to get the results you want.

Marcia Dixon is a former editor of Keep The Faith.  She has also worked with a range of clients including the NHS, the Metropolitan Police, Sony Music, Muyiwa, the Wise Women Awards, Street Pastors and the Pentecostal Credit Union.

She said, “I have seen first hand how PR has helped organisations, artists and business owners achieve their goals and objectives and get the results they wanted.  I see so many people failing to achieve their goals and just want to tells them if you devise and implement a PR plan, you’re likely to get the results you want.  

During lockdown I’ve been running a number of online workshops to help people  understand how PR works.  This forthcoming workshop will help people devise a winning PR strategy which they can implement themselves and get the results they want to see..”

To register visit to book 

The cost is £20

PS: Everyone who registers will receive a PR strategy workbook and an example of a PR strategy.

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