Gina Miller statement about ONS findings on effect of COVID-19 on BAME adults

Gina Miller, the businesswoman, campaigner and founder of, has issued the following statement:

“Like many fellow Britons, I am deeply troubled by today’s ONS findings that BAME adults are four times more likely to die from Covid-19 than those of white ethnicity.

“This report will, understandably, cause worry and anxiety for those communities most directly at risk. Many may now be thinking about putting in place provisions for their families, should the worst happen, which is much more complicated now, with social distancing making it difficult for people to write and update their Wills. Without a Will, the laws of intestacy decide how assets are divided, which could leave partners and children with very little. The Law also treats unmarried partners as single, irrespective of how long they have lived together and allows courts to decide the future of their children.

“I call again on the Government to urgently make Oral (Bedside) Wills temporarily legal under the COVID Emergency Act. We owe it to people to make it as simple as possible to express their wishes and be able to provide for their families and loved ones in these challenging and heart-breaking times.”

Mrs Miller continued: “For those who want to leave messages for their loved ones, but not burden them unnecessarily, offers a simple and completely secure way to deposit thoughts and wishes, to be opened in the event of their death, at no cost. It is a compassionate service designed to provide some comfort and peace of mind.”

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