Girl with ASD performs via Zoom due to lockdown

Lydia is an 11 years-old girl who has been self-isolating with her family in Aylesbury since lockdown measures were announced. Lydia was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in 2019 and
has found lockdown very tough.

“Lydia’s ASD presents itself in anxiety, friendship issues and social skills… But she is very kind and has a nice heart. The lockdown has made her very anxious and feeling very trapped.”Lisa (Lydia’s mother)

Lydia has been singing and dancing from a young age and had been looking forward to an upcoming live musical performance she was due to give at a local theatre. Unfortunately, due to the social distancing measures, the performance was cancelled. She still enjoys practicing with her theatre group virtually, but misses seeing her friends and going to school.

“I do love going on a stage with my friends – just singing and dancing to the songs. I just miss all of it.”Lydia

Knowing how much Lydia enjoys singing, a member of Lydia’s local church – Berrysfield Church – wanted to give her the opportunity to perform for members of the church via Zoom. Lydia was very excited to do this.

Lydia felt compelled to do more with this opportunity and decided to raise money for international children’s charity, World Vision UK’s Covid-19 response.

She is grateful for all the NHS and other key workers are doing in the UK, but also considered the struggles of people in poor countries around the world due to the pandemic.

“We have the NHS here [in the UK] which has been amazing, but they [children living in poverty] don’t have the medicine that they need. I feel so bad for little children who could lose everything from it and it’s upsetting for me.”Lydia

Lydia’s has so far raised £275 for World Vision UK and is very thankful to everyone who has donated.

Her mother, Lisa is extremely proud of her daughter and overjoyed by her amazing gesture. Thankfully, Lydia’s condition is improving a lot over this period, thanks to support from her local community, her friends and family, and her lovely dog, Chico.

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