Faith Leaders produce a Statement of Reflection during the Covid Crisis

As a response to COVID-19, we have formed Faiths United, a coalition of faith leaders who are uniting their communities in responding to the pandemic. The faith leaders have come together and produced a statement of reflection during this crisis.  Maurice Ostro OBE, Chair of Faiths United, said:

“Covid-19 has affected every faith community in the UK. Each community has suffered through the loss of loved ones, people falling ill and those who are struggling through isolation, loss of income or in some other way. By bringing together faith leaders from all over the UK for this special statement, we are demonstrating the feelings of togetherness that exist. We are rallying round in unity to say, whatever our faith, we are one United Kingdom.”  

Click here to read the full statement
Faith Leaders Unite and Clap for Carers 

Faith leaders across the UK have united in a display of gratitude to all front line workers supporting the nation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, in a video released today, in advance of the fifth weekly national Clap for Carers tonight at 8 pm. 

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