Coronavirus: Sheffield Church goes online to answer your questions

Christ Church Endcliffe, an Anglican church in Sheffield, has taken to YouTube to answer people’s questions about life and faith during the lockdown.

In a series of short videos the church seeks to share a Christian perspective on some of the unique issues people are facing. Topics range from the relatively trivial – “Why am I so sick of communicating by Zoom?”  to the serious and life changing – “When a loved one has died, how do I find the strength to cope?”

Questions are sourced from church members sharing the kind of questions their friends are asking, as well as appealing to viewers to submit their own.

“As a church we are always trying to reach out to our community with the hope of the Christian Gospel,” said Rev Ben Tanner, the person behind the videos. “Since coronavirus we’ve had to change the way that we do that, but our hope is that these videos can be shared with friends and those outside the church family.”

“We don’t claim to have all the answers, but this isn’t the first pandemic Christians have faced and the message of Jesus has always been a source of hope in dark days.”

With recent research suggesting almost 1 in 4 adults in the UK have accessed a religious service since the lockdown, the hope is these videos will help people understand some of the questions they have about life, God and faith.  The videos can be found through the church’s YouTube channel or via their website .

Christ Church Endcliffe, which also streams it’s services on the site each week, has also released a podcast for NHS workers and a blog to help the church family navigate the changes since the lockdown.

“It’s a time when many Churches have turned to the internet to continue meeting. We are keen to use the same medium to share our faith as well,”

added Tanner.

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