‘Grow your own’ increasing during lockdown – with potatoes at the top of the list

With UK lockdown now nearing two months, our new-found hobbies are well established. It’s been found that gardening is top of that list, with searches increasing by 127% since last year. But, it seems we have a lot of questions, in particular about growing potatoes – with a monthly uplift of 161%. Chips straight from your own garden? Why not!

Whether you’re lucky enough to have plenty of garden space or a small area on your balcony, gardening does wonders for you mentally and with Mental Health Awareness Week around the corner (18-24 May) and garden centres reopening, it’s easy to get involved in with this guide.

Using Search Lens data, we can reveal the top 10 gardening conundrums we need answers for;

The experts at Love the Garden has tackled each of these questions and created a useful guide which can be found here – https://www.lovethegarden.com/uk-en/article/most-searched-gardening-questions

We spoke with horticulturist and much-loved TV gardener David Domoney and he provided us with his 5 top tips for anyone starting out in the garden;

  • A decent garden spade and fork – choose wisely and treat yourself to a good one. It should last you for years. A trowel and small hand fork should also be in part of your start-up kit.
  • A comfortable garden kneeler and gloves – these will make the job of gardening considerably more enjoyable whilst protecting your hands and joints.
  • Herbs are a great starting point – they are generally easy to grow and great to eat. The foliage, flower and fragrance is also a delight.
  • A good supply of quality compost – a must for your borders and tubs and gives great results.
  • Start growing with seeds in pots and trays  – place these on your kitchen windowsill and when they germinate you will start to experience the pleasure of gardening. Your natural horticultural parental instincts kick in.

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