Christian charity CARE react to Fiona Bruce MP new abortion bill

CARE’s Head of Communications, James Mildred, said: 

“The 1967 Abortion Act was amended in 1990 to allow for abortion up to birth in cases of ‘serious disability’. Tragically, this has been interpreted to include treatable conditions like a clubfoot an cleft lip or palete. 

This new bill rightly aims to address this obvious discrimination and bring clarity to the current laws. Conditions like a clubfoot, and cleft lip or palete can be corrected, and there are many high profile examples of people overcoming these conditions. 

“Since the 1990 change, societal attitudes towards those with disabilities have significantly improved and this is reflected in legislation like the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act.

It’s high time our abortion laws were reviewed by MPs and brought into line with the positive change in wider societal attitudes towards those with disabilities.Regardless of where MPs stand on the wider issue of abortion, here is a perfectly sensible change and we could urge all MPs to back it.

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