Coronavirus: New and expectant mums report increased loneliness and anxiety due to lockdown

A recent survey by breastfeeding brand, Lansinoh, has found that lockdown is leading to increased levels of anxiety and loneliness in new and expectant mums, due to not being able to spend this special time with friends or family.

70% of those surveyed have reported increased anxiety levels, whilst 60% have reported increased levels of loneliness. What’s more, 12% claim they haven’t left their home since lockdown began, with 26% only leaving their home once a week.

With 65% of those surveyed confirming that they know someone who has had to cancel a baby shower, Lansinoh wants to help new mums reclaim this lost time and help them to celebrate being reunited with friends and family, once lockdown is lifted.

Jasmine Kendal is due to give birth to her first child at the beginning of July. She says:

“I’ve felt quite anxious about the birth. Currently the rules mean that the father can’t stay for more than an hour after the baby’s birth, and once they’ve left the hospital, they can’t come back. That means that if I have any complications, my partner won’t be able to be with me.

“I’ve also had to cancel my baby shower, which was meant to be taking place in a few weeks’ time. But I’m hoping we can recreate it virtually, or even at 2m apart outdoors if we’re allowed!”

A first-time mum, Ashlee Graham, gave birth to her new-born daughter Agnes on her living room floor, after her partner was told he must self-isolate for 12 weeks. Ashlee said:

“I haven’t left the house in months. I sit in the living room every day and stare at the spot where I gave birth – and I still don’t know when anyone will get to officially meet Agnes.

“I do feel a bit robbed of not being able to see my grandparents, or to even spend time with other new mums, pushing the pram around the local park. We’ve been keeping in touch with friends and family through the usual methods – FaceTime, sharing pictures, but it’s not the same.”

Lisa Craven, UK Marketing Manager at Lansinoh, said:

“Having your first child is one of the most memorable times of your life, with parents-to-be excitedly preparing for their new arrival. But what happens when this milestone period is spent during a nationwide lockdown?

“Being able to share this time with your friends and family is just as important as ensuring your baby is happy and healthy. We want to help new mums reclaim this lost time – and to throw the ultimate surprise reunion for one lucky mum once lockdown is lifted. We’re asking friends and family to nominate loved ones who they feel deserve an extra special reunion – and once a winner has been selected – we’ll make it happen.”

To nominate a new mum for an extra special reunion celebration, visit

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