PFS calls on UK Church to pray for older people and care sector as they launch Prayer Week

One of the UK’s leading Christian care home charities Pilgrims’ Friend Society is calling on churches and Christians in the UK to pray for older people and the care sector, from 7th to 13th June, with the launch of their ‘Prayer Week 2020’. This comes as the pandemic has brought the key subject of older people and the support they receive to the forefront of media and public attention on a scale not seen before.

The charity’s prayer week, which happens to fall on the week of Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday, will make available a free guide – with daily devotions that include bible verses – to inspire prayer around specific issues impacting older people. These include supporting fulfilled living in later life, comfort and hope for all those impacted by the coronavirus, loneliness, carers and the social care sector, dementia and equipping churches to reach the older people in their community. 

Pilgrims’ Friend Society will also publish a daily blog on their website written by guest specialists on each issue, including dementia (Louise Morse, Pilgrims’ Friend Society), older people and the church (Carl Knightly, Faith in Later Life) and Christian care providers (Phil Martin, KeyChange).

Chief Executive of Pilgrims’ Friend Society Stephen Hammersley CBE says:

“We want to encourage the church in praying for and serving the older generation who are loved and cherished by God. Many older people across the country are still active and purposeful in their lives and prayer life, even during this pandemic, and are the actually the ones inspiring and praying for us!”

“Some of our older residents have been through a World War and can remember the impact of the Spanish flu on their families. There is a lot to be learned from them, about trusting in God when the world as you know it starts to fall around you – they are a source of encouragement as they share the goodness of God”

To find out how you can get involved in Pilgrims’ Friend Society’s ‘Prayer Week 2020’ and receive a free guide, follow them on Facebook,  Instagram,  or Twitter. Or visit:

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