Keep The Faith Issue 114

This is a bumper digital-only issue, which is packed with articles that I hope will inform, inspire and entertain you.

Life as we know it has changed for so many, with COVID-19 spreading to the UK, and thousands upon thousands of people losing their lives to this killer coronavirus. Our thoughts and prayers are with those of you who have sadly lost family members, friends and colleagues. This pandemic has joined communities together, armies of volunteers – men, women and children – of all cultures, religions and nationalities, providing support to each other and to the most vulnerable in the community. Our NHS staff and colleagues have been under tremendous pressure, working in the most difficult of situations, putting their own lives at risk, but they have stood together in times of crisis. The streets were deserted, families remained in their homes, and life has stood still for so many. But it was also a time to reflect. We have also had the opportunity to learn so many new and different ways of communicating and working. Soon we will be able to hug our family members and friends again, and show them how much they were missed.

Then there was the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. I remember watching the incident in disbelief and gasping for breath myself as Mr Floyd took his final breath. No words! The world mourns and is sickened by his murder. His death has led to massive Black Lives Matter protests, and calls for an end to police brutality against often non-White suspects in America. Huge demonstrations have taken place in 30 cities across America and
beyond. Thousands in the UK took part in a Black Lives Matter anti-racism protest march in central London. The world is outraged.

In this issue, we address the anger at the murder of George Floyd and the impact it has had on Black mothers in the USA. We also have many great features focusing on how COVID-19 has impacted our lives: our physical and mental health, our finances, taking a holiday and how we worship in our churches. One positive outcome of the pandemic was the dramatic drop in the number of youths dying on our streets, and we have a great article looking at how COVID-19 has impacted gang culture in the UK. We bring you gospel music news, a tribute to our men for Father’s Day, and a yummy recipe for Chocolate and Guinness cake! Go on, treat yourself!

Did I mention Keep The Faith was invited to ask a question at the PM’s Coronavirus Downing Street briefings? Rev Stephen Brooks represented Keep The Faith, and the recording is on our website. It’s great to know that our magazine is on the PM’s radar, and our views are being acknowledged. We update our website daily, so if you are looking for some inspiration or aspiration during lockdown, visit

Thank you for your continuing support. We will be resuming our print issue as soon as lockdown is fully lifted.

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