A Prayer for our city

PRAY LONDON acts a catalyst to unite the Church in prayer in Jesus’ name during a major crisis in London. Pray London’s recent focus has been the Covid-19 pandemic, which not only affects our city but the whole world. The recent killing of George Floyd, confirms the need for prayer with action is even greater and we desire that everyone will be galvanised into praying for all the issues that affect us all globally.


Bryon Jones: writer, producer, lead/ Backing vocals & arrangement

Bryon Jones is a member of the Pray London team; he is the Senior Pastor of Eden Church in Ilford, East London, and a singer, songwriter. Bryon came up with the idea of creating a memorable prayer song that not only our City would pray but cities and countries the world over. Calling on friends and family, many of whom work in the music industry, the song entitled ‘A Prayer for our City’ was recorded on their phones and home studios

The song is based on what most people would call ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ although Bryon would interpret it as Jesus’ teaching and instruction on how his followers should pray.

Prayer works, and we hope you will take this prayer and own it for your city, your Country.

About Pray London

After the events in 2017 (terrorist attacks and Grenfell), Les Isaac brought some key London leaders together and a strong desire was expressed to raise the visibility and strategy of prayer across London.

Following a major crisis in our capital, #PRAYLONDON acts as a catalyst to unite the church in prayer in Jesus’ name.

  • Join our online prayer gathering at 8pm on the first Sunday of every month at facebook.com/LDNprayer
  • For more information, and to sign up for prayer alerts and events, visit praylondon.co.uk.

Website: www.praylondon.co.uk

Facebook: LDNprayer

Instagram: bryonjones_

Twitter: Bryonjones_

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