Government creates chaos over re-opening places of worship

The Government has caused chaos and confusion within our faith organisations and communities over re-opening places of worship. On Sunday 7th June 2020 they announced that places of worship would re-open on Monday 15th June 2020 for individual prayer. This decision was made alongside guidance that the Government said they would be issuing, but have seemingly yet to publish this guidance.

Now the Government have updated the official Covid-19 guidance to say that places of worship can re-open from Saturday 13th June 2020.

Our faith organisations were already struggling to fully understand how to re-open from Monday and waiting patiently for the vital guidance in how to do so safely. This has now caused absolute confusion at a time when we need clear and rational guidance from Government in how to move forward in a calm and safe manner.

Janet Daby MP, Shadow Minister for Faiths, said:

“Labour supports the re-opening of places of worship for individual prayer, provided it is done safely and ensuring that faith groups have the right level of support and the time needed to meet the required guidance.”

“The Government has given people an unrealistic expectation that every church, mosque, synagogue, temple and gurdwara will be open by Saturday morning. This will not be possible and will lead to confusion and anger.

“The Government is showing contempt for our faith communities, by not taking them for granted and not giving them the support they need. Our communities deserve much better than this.”

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