“Well Done, Good And Faithful Servant?” by Dr O

The current global pandemic and associated lockdown that has brought the world to its knees has come at a great personal cost to many of us. It has turned everything on its head, making us think about our mortality in a way that’s much more ‘up close and personal’ than we’d normally like to be.

As a doctor, I tell my patients that “Health is one of those things that you don’t normally appreciate until it starts leaving your body” and the gift of life can similarly be taken for granted until it is threatened in some way.

I was struck by lightning a few years ago. It ripped down my left arm and rocked my world! Clearly, God hadn’t finished with me, because I lived to tell the tale. But I can’t help but wonder whether He used that thunderbolt to shake something loose in my inquisitive mind, because I’ve been obsessed with finding out and doing whatever it will take to have Him tell me: “Well done, good and faithful servant” ever since.

As God’s people, I’m convinced that this is THE question that should be occupying our minds every day, but the answer will be different for everyone.

If you’re Moses, then it’s to successfully lead the Israelites to the Promised Land.

If you’re Esther, it’s to advocate for God’s people before the king.

If you’re Jesus,it’s to demonstrate the plunging depths to which God’s indescribable love will go, such that no one has to pay the price for their sin and anyone who chooses Him can experience abundant living now and a joyous eternity in His presence when their ‘trip to planet Earth’ comes to an end.

What have you been called to do, and are you busy doing it with distinction?

Will you cross over to eternity and see that you’ve ‘knocked it out of the park’?

Or will you find out that the monthly pay cheque and other distractions that so easily entangled your mind completely sidetracked you from walking out God’s incredible plan for your life?

God loves people, and whatever His plan for you is, I guarantee that it involves helping people in some way.

For some of you, you’re called to bake, and that family recipe is meant to be known all around the world as you help provide for a small army of employees. For others, it’s to invent solutions to some of the most basic and complex problems that we’re facing (or will face in the coming years).

For others, it’s to write game-changing books, movies or songs that will transform the current conversations that have taken hold of people’s minds. And for others still, it will be to raise that child (or those children) to be the future leaders who will change the way the world spins on its axis.

Whatever it is that you’ve been assigned to do, don’t underestimate the importance of fully playing your part, or the calamity caused by you not being in your proper position playing that part on time.

And, if you want to play that part, ‘undumb’ your life! And by that I mean:

  • trimming off all the unnecessary ‘fat’ and letting go of any ‘stupid’ that’s slowing you down
  • jettisoning those unhelpful relationships and habits that don’t build or serve your quality decision to be all that God intended for you to be
  • ‘taking yourself on’ and having the courage to step out of the stands and onto ‘the Field’

I know that it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed right now, but the silver lining to the distressing cloud hanging over this current ‘lockdown world’ is that we’ve all been given a golden moment, a perfect opportunity, to hit our reset button and get back to what God originally intended for us to be.

I created ‘The Elevator Experience’ as a tool to help anyone who’s interested in making that a reality. It was borne out of a desire to help anyone who’s tired of going around in circles, feeling stuck, or wondering what it would take to go from ordinary to exceptional.

‘The Elevator Experience’ works by taking you up to the ‘observation deck’ of your life, and then gifting you with clarity and perspective. It reminds you of the ultimate God-given gift which, if used properly, will change everything and surely keep you on the path to hearing Him say: “Well done!”

Taken from the soon-to-be-released book, ‘UnDumbed – Superhero Living for The Rest of Us’, and ‘The Elevator Experience’ is currently free to listen to, by visiting www.undumbed.com/elevatorxp


Dr O. is a medical doctor, author, artist and performance poet. For more info about her forthcoming book, visit www.undumbed.com.

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