God calls upon Abraham by Pastor Timothy Oh

‘Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path’ (Psalm 119:105)

On a dark, starless night, it can be difficult to find our path. However, no matter how dark it may be, if we are able to shine a light upon it, we can follow our path without getting lost.

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The world is in such profound darkness today. Many people are afraid due to the current coronavirus pandemic, and no one seems to know when this situation will come to an end. Even during such times, if our hearts can become united with the Word 

of God, I believe that He will shine His light where we need to walk. God’s Word, I believe, is the one true way to having real peace and strength in our hearts, especially in challenging seasons.

The life of Abraham

As we all know, Abraham is called the ‘Father of Faith’. God called upon Abraham to be a role model of faith, and it is through his life that we are taught what it is to have true faith. 

I believe that as we consider and examine his life in God’s Word, we too will be able to have the level of faith that Abraham had. 

Another man with the call of God on his life was the Apostle Paul, who went to many places all over the world to preach the Gospel. He would minister at the church he had established, but once God led him elsewhere, he would go there willingly and preach the Gospel.

Although Paul was physically far away from many of the brothers and sisters, his heart always remained close to them. Although he couldn’t meet with them in person, he would often deliver what was his heart and the will of God through his letters.

Up to the age of 75, Abraham had been a simple, ordinary man, living an ordinary life. However, we read in Genesis 12:1 that at the age of 75 his life began to change completely – not through his own work or determination, but rather it was through the calling of God for Abraham to move to Canaan.

If God had not called him, Abraham’s life would have come to an ordinary end, just like the many other hundreds of people in his hometown. However, the calling of God changed his path – just as it changed my personal life.

I was born and raised in Korea. England did not feature in my life’s plan. One day, however, God called me. He saved me, and called me to be His child. And after a time, God called me again – to do the work of the Gospel.

It is through this calling that I was led to live a life that was different to that of others. Whenever I think about this, I cannot help but have a heart filled with thankfulness to God. He has called every single one of us. There are no conditions attached to this calling, but it is the choice and grace of God. It is not the case that God has called us because we are good or upright; it is through the one-sided grace and love of God that we have been bestowed with this calling.

God called Abraham and, in the same way that God accomplished His will through him, God has called each of us and wants to accomplish His will through us.

There are times when we stumble and fall along our path, just like the disciples of Jesus did, but I believe that the will of God towards us does not change, and that even today, God is upholding our every step.

May the peace of God be with you.

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