God is the best part of ‘People’ by Milton B Allen with Benjamin Harrell

A look into Jonathan McReynolds’ new album

Jonathan McReynolds’ new album, ‘People’, has captivated fans with his genuine lyrics. His relatable life music underscores God’s power to direct, heal and forgive. The album shows us how to turn fear into faith and pain into love. Jonathan paints a realistic picture of life and its challenges, while reassuring listeners that they are not alone. He reminds us that humans have flaws, that we are not perfect but through our imperfections is the message that God is the best part of people.

The Best Thing about Church People

Jonathan’s first three songs emphasise relationships – how we interact with people and God. He demonstrates how people can build or break us, and how God restores us.

‘Best Thing’‘The best thing I can do for me is You.’ This song reminds listeners to let go and let God. We cannot do it all, nor should we. God is with us in the fight.

And we are all fighting to survive, using social distancing to combat COVID-19. Through our quarantines, Jonathan reminds us that the church is still open. “It’s all about the phone, texting, making sure everybody is good. Church, in a biblical sense, is more about unity than a building. In 2020, we can stay connected to people.” 

‘People’ ‘Heal me from people.’ Jonathan explains how we as people can hurt others. What makes us human, our opinions and our expectations can be projected onto others, which could cause pain and stress. We have to remember to turn to God for deliverance when we need peace from others, and when we are affecting the peace of another.

Jonathan knows all too well about this topic. “It came at the hands of me assigning too much power to people; assigning too much weight on the opinions of people; the thoughts of people; what they wanted to say; how they felt… just those types of things. It wasn’t even necessarily their fault. 

It was my fault and the significance that I put on what they had to say versus, more importantly, what God had to say about me.”

‘Church People’‘Hurt people, hurt people.’ This is a song of prayer, a moment to turn to God for healing from people. 

‘The Best Way to Move On Is to Let Him Move In’

The next three songs highlight who we are and what makes us. Jonathan talks about our imperfections and our failures, but pivots to God’s ability to answer our prayers and move us into our next season. The beauty of his message is the transformation that we encounter that serves as a testimony for another.

‘Cathedral’‘I am good because you are.’ We are imperfect creatures. Despite who we are and where we have been, God can still use us. He saw the light in us when we were in the darkness, and can use us as an example to draw someone else in.

‘Movin’ On’‘I am forgetting what’s behind me.’ Jonathan and Mali Music have teamed up to remind you to focus on God’s plan for you, not what happened yesterday. This motivational masterpiece does not give your flesh a moment to sulk; the rhythm captures your spirit and forces you to look ahead. 

‘Situation’ ‘You see the big picture.’ Have you ever asked God for something but He did not exactly give you what you asked for? This might be because God knows a better outcome for your situation. We only see life through our eyes, but He sees the big picture. Seek Him first and let Him guide you. 


The last two songs highlight God’s grace. Every lesson. Every win. Our life. It is all because of God’s grace.

‘He Knows’‘God knows.’ No one knows you like God. Your downs, your ups, your story and your victory. Are you ready to thank Him? Jonathan put a song together that will put you in praise mode. So, what are you waiting for? 

‘Grace’‘I need Your grace.’ This song gets straight to the point. It is a confessional to God, letting Him know that we need Him. His grace has given us hope, strength and life.

‘People’ is another example of how Jonathan illustrates God’s impact on our lives. His lyrics and melodies remind us that we are defined by God’s grace. Jonathan’s album provides relief in a time where we are learning to live together from a distance. He has given us more life music that brings us closer to God.

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