Music Matters by Benjamin Harrell

Don’t let coronavirus stop you sharing your music

With lockdown restrictions in the UK continuing, recording artists will need to find creative ways to perform for their fans and followers. I am not referring to free platforms, like Facebook or Instagram. As an artist, with plans and budgets, you need income to grow your operation. How do you put on a show and position yourself to obtain a return on investment (ROI)? After all, you desire compensation for your talents from time to time. Your next live concert should take place in your living room. Stageit, an online venue, can show you how to do it.

With strict limits requiring people to stay home, how do you perform on stages? Stageit gives you the artist the opportunity to perform beyond the walls of your traditional venue. Host the concert from the comfort of your home.

Ready to perform anywhere? You should be. Think of all of the strategies you can implement. You could decide to play some of your already released music on social media, pre-recorded or live – with each performance mentioning your live show on Stageit. After all, you are more than an artist; you are also a promoter.

Your live show gives you the ability to connect with your fans. Do not underestimate the value of building relationships with your followers. A live Q&A session before or after the show is quite valuable. This gives your concertgoers what they crave: an experience. Imagine all the music lovers, spread throughout multiple time zones, seeking the next chance to get to know you.

Stageit has bridged the gap between artist and fan, by maximising one of our greatest resources: time. Do your own research on the platform; watch a couple of performances; create an account; explore the features, and prepare for your first event. COVID-19 has prevented gatherings of more than two people in the UK, but it doesn’t have to stop you sharing your gift with the world.

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