Gospel award-winning Artist Charles Dada returns with surprise EP

With what we’re all witnessing in the world right now, from protests across the globe calling for racial justice, to the mass calling for an end to police brutality against black people. All resulting as a response to the unjust, undignified and inhumane killing of George Floyd by police officers in America. This and the COVID-19 epidemic led Charles to making the decision to put the production of his debut live album “OutPour” on hold and instead release an EP with new songs that really calls for us to give it all to God. Faceless highlights his musical diversity; displaying music genres such as; Afro Pop, R&B and Country influences.

“I want everyone to step away from what’s happening in the world right now for a second and focus on hope. It is so important that our hope remains in God alone. Music is so powerful and I want this EP to remind everyone that God is too faithful to fail so let’s remove ourselves so He can draw near”.

“Faceless” means concealing of the ‘face’ by light or purposeful intention. The call of God upon our lives should make us; faceless, placeless and timeless. Now is the time for us to be bold enough to bring our gifts to the world; not for fame, not for likes or followers but because we are created by Him for a purpose.

Charles Dada introduces the 7-Track EP with the title track “Faceless”. The acoustic feel sets the mood of the record from the start.

Recently the lead single from Faceless, “Hallelujah” was the track of the week on Premier Gospel. When he spoke to Premier Gospel he said:

“Hallelujah” is a song of hope – it provides a reminder to put our trust in God. With everything going on in the world right now all we can do is raise a Hallelujah as it is the highest form of praise and a universal language uniting all His people together“.

Recorded live at Icon Towers Studios, “Hallelujah” and “Lord Of All” proclaim His sovereignty. They further go on to say that He is the master of the universe and none compares to him.

Other songs featured on Faceless include an acoustic version of his debut single “Breathe”. There’s no better time to ask God to breathe in our nation and stir our hearts.

“Forever” takes on a fresh Afro-pop sound, reminding people that regardless of what is going on right now, He remains God forever. “All to You” features renowned UK Gospel Rapper Triple O, taking us back to his early RnB roots with a strong message that God reigns and rules over our world. The message is very strong. We need a strong God and He has the power to change all things so here we are; Faceless -The Road To Outpour.

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