Briefing session on the reopening of places of worship -Today @2pm

Places of worship play an important role in providing spiritual leadership for many individuals, and in bringing communities and generations together. However, their communal nature can make them places that are particularly vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19.

Places of worship will be allowed to open on the 4th of July – over the last few days we have been delivering training and support. Further to our previous email, we have received numerous queries on the reopening of places of worship, therefore we decided to put together a meeting for Thursday 2nd July, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm.

The meeting will provide a briefing to support the management and operational team who are responsible for the running and opening of places of worship.

We have also invited a representative from the Department of Education to provide clarity on supplementary education which includes Sunday schools, afterschool activities, and Madrassahs which are often integral to our place of worship and community settings. 

For this briefing we have the following speakers:

  • Father Luke Miller, Archdeacon of London, Chair of Faith Cell of Mortality Management Group, Strategic Coordination Group (SCG)
  • Javed Bashir, Strengthening Faith Institutions
  • Rabbi Natan Levy, Strengthening Faith Institution
  • Rajnish Kashyap, Hindu Council UK, Member of the Places of Worship Taskforce
  • Anne-Marie Mongan, Policy Advisor Out of School Setting for Children, Department for Education

We will provide up to date advice and guidance to support those involved in the running of places of worship. Please register by clicking here

Below we have some links to some of the guidelines issued by Government, training opportunities, and information on funding to improve security at places of worship. 

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Many thanks,
Mustafa Field OBE

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