Christian artist releases NIV Bible with joyful, identity-affirming illustrations and devotional activities

Journalling Bibles are quickly becoming a firm favourite in the UK, with Hodder and Stoughton experiencing an increase of 60% on sales since 2017 as many people are now engaging with the new Bibles as a part of their Bible studies and quiet times. On Instagram the Journalling Bible and Journalling Bible community hashtags have over 171,000 & 57,700 posts respectively, clearly demonstrating what a huge impact this new take on the ancient art of illumination is having.

With this in mind, Hodder is proud to announce a new vibrant journalling Bible, which not only provides readers with extra-wide blank margins for journalling, but also includes 48 pages of two-colour illustrations from Thea Muir – author of I Am So Many Things. Each charming image is accompanied by an ‘I am’ statement derived from Bible truths that Thea repeated to herself in the mirror while she recovered from an eating disorder. The devotional pages propose activities and challenges to help the reader recognise their identity in God’s eyes.

Readers are invited to meditate on the images and declarations such as, ‘I am outrageously loved’, ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’, or ‘I am a child of God’ and journal their response to each one in the wealth of space provided for creativity. This NIV Bible has 9PT British Text, presented in a clear, easy-to-read, double-column layout.

Thea Muir is an artist, mural painter, writer and teacher. Together with her husband Dominic she leads short-term missions to India, South Africa and across the United Kingdom; painting, preaching the gospel and sharing the love and grace of God. Having both been on their own journeys of restoration and redemption, especially in the area of identity, Thea and Dom are passionate about seeing others become the fullest and freest version of who God made them to be. When she is not trying to save the world, Thea loves dancing, wild swimming and going on adventures. Dom loves writing, preaching,
movies, dancing and singing.

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