Artist Raises $28k for Corona Charity with Photography Series

Sony World Open Photography Winner, Christy Lee Rogers, donates $28,000 to Save the Children and No Kid Hungry from the sale of her VENUS RISING print from her new underwater photography series HUMAN:

Inspired by Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and the idea that contemplating her beauty is a way to elevate the human spirit and get closer to the divine, the image shows three figures lifting up and supporting the central character on a fabric created sea shell. A representation of humanities strength to come together to protect the beauty of our way of life, and the persistence of mankind during such a vulnerable time in history. Photographed underwater, the light illuminates the central figures through darkness. A peaceful Venus appears to rise up unscathed into a moment of triumph.

Rogers says 

“I can not bear to see so much suffering in the world.  It’s as if everything changed over night.  I couldn’t get any of my normal routines done, and the only thing that felt right and calmed me was to create.  After finishing the ‘Venus Rising’ image, I started to feel hope again.  I started to home school my son and to really see what was in front of me.  So many people coming together to help, and all from a physical distance.  And I truly believe that no matter what life may throw at us, we have the power to love, to create and to dream up our future.  No one– nothing can take that from us.” 

Now Christy has released the 2nd image from HUMAN, “Riders of the Light”, saying: “This image is a dedication to those that lost their lives, to the heroes, and to you.  With wide eyes to see and open hearts to feel…” CLR

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