Through a Glass Darkly Journeys through Science, Faith and Doubt – A Memoir

A memoir mapping the journey from atheism to faith, and how both connect with scientific discovery.

In what he anticipates will be his final book, respected scientist and theologian Professor Alister McGrath shares the story of a life spent in pursuit of truth: first through the discipline of science, then in tandem with the Christian faith he found as a young

In Through a Glass Darkly Professor McGrath shares at length and for the first time how exactly he moved from atheism to faith while studying natural sciences at Oxford University, and how each discipline has informed the other throughout his life. This is a rich, inspiring read from one of today’s greatest public theologians.

PRAISE FOR Through a Glass Darkly

‘An intellectual thriller’

John Lennox

‘A compelling story, at once readable and profound.’

Rupert Shortt

PRAISE FOR Inventing the Universe

‘McGrath’s style is scholarly yet accessible and engaging…’

The Independent

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