Keep The Faith Issue 115

Welcome to issue 115!

2020 has been a difficult and challenging time so far. First, the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in total lockdown in the UK, and then the brutal murder of George Floyd in the USA, which initiated global protests, statues being removed, and the UK standing in solidarity with the BLM movement. TV programmes are being banned; street names are changing, and people are calling for an end to racism in all its forms. And finally, the world is slowly emerging from lockdown, and we are able to move around more freely after almost three months of restrictions. Unlike some, I have been enjoying lockdown, and am not in any rush to return to ‘normal’. This awful virus is still out there, and still very real!

Our aim is always to inspire, inform, encourage and highlight some of the great people and projects within our community. I am loving all the editorial features in this issue, and am happy to welcome two new features: fashion and hair!

The main focus in this issue is racial injustice, and how faith, leadership and the Black Lives Matter movement can help deal with racism in the UK. KTF had the opportunity to speak with Commissioner Cressida Dick, Head of the Metropolitan Police, to find out more about its BAME recruitment drive, and what steps are being taken to encourage and support ethnic minorities to join the Met Police. I believe if we want change, we need to come forward and be part of the change, and I believe that is happening now.

We look at parenting issues, mental health, and the power and potential of kindness; entrepreneurship and the Church, and how Black businesses have experienced a double whammy with CV-19 and BLM. Learn about an exciting new charity, launched to address health inequalities amongst BAME communities.

All our articles are contributions from the community we serve, so thank you, we value you. If you would like to be part of our community, please get in touch.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and please, #StayAlert #StaySafe.

Shirley McGreal

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