Black Catholic Fiction: Forging New Paths

‘I want to write a new kind of fiction where the characters are living their faith authentically, as many Catholics do, while facing life’s many challenges and problems.’

Those words capture the goal behind what I do. With my novels I am intent on forging a path for depicting Black Catholics living their faith within certain fictional genres. I call it, Catholic Fiction of the African Diaspora.

My love of reading and literature has seen me through a variety of genres which I hope to explore in the future, but I was totally fascinated  by the mystery novels of Agatha Christie.

I  remember while growing up in Trinidad, immersing myself in Christie’s intricately woven plots, especially those set in beautiful country settings hiding deep and dark secrets. I told myself, ‘I want to write some of those.’

However, my Christian faith grew stronger over the years. It became an essential part of  my life, my family, friends, and many of the people I knew.  My goal was now to incorporate characters living their faith in my novels.

A deep appreciation of  my faith, my Caribbean heritage, the African diaspora, my family ties with England, and a love for the mystery genre and the game of cricket, shaped the development of  my first mystery series. The result is a hero who is British of Caribbean heritage, a cricketing legend, businessman and philanthropist, with a knack for solving mysteries. He is always willing to work with the Investigating Officer in charge of a case

The Sir Avelin Reese Mysteries revolve around Avelin ‘Vin’ and his wife, Olivia, a University lecturer, their two young adult children and other members of their family. This is a black Catholic family dealing with real life issues while anchored in a naturally integrated faith and dealing with some of its challenges. The Cricketer’s Wife is the first book in the series, followed by the recently published, A Caribbean Summer Mystery. Both books are available on Kindle, with The Cricketer’s Wife also available in paperback.  A Caribbean Summer Mystery is coming soon in paperback.

I hope to write more books in this series establishing my brand which is based on this special blend of mystery and intrigue, faith, love and inspiration, from a black Catholic perspective.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and continue to encourage me in this venture.

A Caribbean Summer Mystery by Leah Guy Mathews


It’s summertime and Sir Avelin ‘Vin’ Reese, cricketing legend, and his wife, Olivia, are on the island of Bequia in the Caribbean spending part of their holiday with their daughter, Kyrah.

Vin is looking forward to some hazy lazy days with his family to get him out of the work mode, especially as the more he and Olivia talk about cutting back the more they seem to find on their plate. Vin can’t seem to escape or resist business commitments, the latest an eco-villa project with his son, Jules, on the lush island of St. Barnabas. Luckily, the summer days are turning out just as imagined. Or are they? Olivia is of the opinion that her daughter is acting a bit strange. What is she hiding? Then, a series of events throws Vin slap dab in the middle of a mystery.

It begins with one of his frequent trips around the region. Then, his close friend, Cornell, flies in from London, concerned about his nephew, a young cricketer.

When a boyhood friend, Inspector Reggie Clyde, asks Vin to join him in shedding some light on unfolding events, Vin does not hesitate. After all, he has done this kind of thing before, helping his friend, DI Jim Bale, solve a mystery in London.

However, in this case, he and Inspector Clyde are totally baffled. A long list of suspects doesn’t help matters. They begin to wonder if this would turn out to be a situation where there were more questions than answers. But they press on. Someone’s life might be at stake. Vin is determined to get to the bottom of it all. Come hell or high water!

The Cricketer’s Wife by Leah Guy Mathews


Is trust possible when your husband is not only tall, dark, and handsome, but also well-to-do, famous, and titled?

This is the dilemma of Olivia Reese, Londoner, and mother of two, married for over twenty years to cricketing legend, Sir Avelin ‘Vin’ Reese.

The death of a friend in neighboring Notting Hill, draws husband and wife into a web of intrigue that leads them down a path of discovery where they must look into their hearts while searching for a killer. Can their faith see them through this crisis?

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