Black British Rapper Releases Book to Inspire Creatives During The Pandemic

In 2018, rap artist and author BREIS began working on his new EP, Arise & Shine as a way of dealing with the tragic loss of his mum the year before. He began documenting the process of grieving, making music and healing and a Diary of a Creative Mind was born. He completed the book at the end of 2019, a year in which the world was unaware of what was to come in 2020 with a global pandemic. From Switzerland to South Africa he chronicles the roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur, educator, big brother and successful independent rap artist. He wrote the book to inspire other creatives and has found that many of the messages contained within resonate with what many are going through during lockdown. 

Each journal entry is packed with gems, insights and anecdotes which highlight the breadth of his lived experience as an independent Black artist in this country. As he breaks down the musical and lyrical aspects of the songs on his EP, he also explores issues around race, education, self-worth, faith, finances, and regrets in his book. BREIS opens up about his creative process and gives us a glimpse into elements of his personal life. It’s an honest, authentic & fun look at the ups and downs of a creative career and can be described as Hip Hop version of Adrian Mole’s diary.  

“I find myself doing so many different things at any one time. Taking the time to record my thoughts, dreams and feelings might help me see things clearer.”  


BREIS (breeze) is a recording rap artist of Nigerian heritage based in South London. He is well known in the education sector as a Hip Hop educator. His first interactive rap book, Brilliant Rappers Educate Intelligent Students is a hit amongst children and young adults which independently sold almost 10,000 copies.  

His new book, Diary of a Creative Mind is an accompaniment to his latest music offering, Arise & Shine and it touches on many of the issues that Black artists in the UK have to face including race & racism, finances and performing.  With this book, BREIS hopes to not only inspire and encourage creatives from all backgrounds but to offer them insights into the complex yet culturally rich experience of an independent artist in the UK.

Diary of a Creative Mind is available in paperback at  


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