The Bible: A Story that Makes Sense of Life

What is the Bible and how is it relevant to me? This book is the perfect read for anyone asking those questions in the twenty-first

Bishop Lesslie Newbigin insisted on the importance of recovering the grand narrative of Scripture as both essential truth for the church and an effective way to engage culture. In our cultural moment, characterised by individualism, identity politics and social fragmentation it is vital to recover
the Bible as the overarching human story that makes sense of life.

The Bible: A Story That Makes Sense of Life communicates the arc of the biblical narrative and connects its core themes with our human condition in a way that is intellectually rigorous, personally transformative and culturally engaged. Underpinned by a depth of scholarship, the book is nontechnical in style, making it accessible for the widest possible market – including Christians and seekers interested in the Bible. The book will also provide a model for Bible communicators and church leaders wishing to engage more deeply with the relevance of the Bible in our cultural moment.

‘an essential guide to understanding how the Bible continues to speak to modern life today.’
Justin Brierley – Premier Christian Radio

‘I can’t recommend it more highly… Andrew Ollerton leads us through the Bible’s plotline in a highly informative,
compelling, and entertaining way…Scholarly but personal and accessible.’
Paul Woolley – Bible Society

Dr Andrew Ollerton is a pastor, theologian and popular communicator. As writer and presenter of The Bible Course, he is best known as a Bible teacher who is able to take complex theological ideas and make them relevant and engaging. With one foot in the academic world and the other at the coalface of church and culture, Andrew brings insight and credibility to popular level communication of the Bible. He is an ordained Methodist minister, an Honorary Research Fellow at University of Leicester and Tyndale House, Cambridge, founding director of Souled Out Cymru and an Associate Staff Worker with UCCF. Andrew’s primary employment is Bible Communication & Engagement Consultant with Bible Society.

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