A Garden Gathering With An African Twist

For many of us during the coronavirus pandemic, our gardens have been our sanctuaries. Now is our chance to put them to good use, helping families in rural Africa who are dealing with a different set of issues, all caused by the same virus. 

TV Gardener Toby Buckland is fronting the new campaign called Gardens for Good, which encourages people to get together, celebrate summer and support the charity Send a Cow. Funds raised will help families in rural Africa to grow a better future, free from hunger. 

Toby, says: 

“I’ve seen the work of Send a Cow first-hand in Ethiopia, and I’m still in awe at what they achieve. By sharing practical advice with farmers and families, they help some of the poorest people in Africa grow their way out of poverty. They in turn share what they’ve learnt with their neighbours and so on, transforming lives, unlocking creativity and the potential of whole communities. I’m proud to support their work.” 

Although many activities and festivals have been postponed ‘till 2021, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do our bit for charity, from our own back yards. 

Anyone can get involved in Gardens for Good by hosting a BBQ, selling plants by the front gate or opening their garden to the public.  

Funds raised will help provide vital tools and training for families to grow enough to eat, at a time when coronavirus lockdowns are having a devastating impact on the world’s poorest people. 

Maybe it’s about thyme we started using our gardens for good?! 

Get out there and enjoy summer safely. Visit sendacow.org/gardens-for-goodThe first fifty sign-ups will receive FREE African-style fabric bunting to liven-up their event! 

Main image copyright: Send A Cow

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