20 Beautiful Men By Kevin Thornton

… is an inspiring collection of personal short stories from 20 authors, speakers, and life coaches bonding together for the common goal of
brotherhood, and to transform men and women from the inside out. Contributors include Dan Mason, Dr. David Yoder, Kevin Thornton and
Lionell Dixon to name a few.

About the Author
Kevin Thornton is a licensed holistic life coach, a Huffington Post blogger, spin-class developer and instructor, author and a host of a radio show that is
heard around the globe on a weekly basis. Kevin is also an alumnus of Eastern Michigan University.

How long have you been writing, and how did you start writing?
I’ve been writing professionally for 3 years. I started my writing with my personal journal and by creating inspiring messages for others. So at a point, I looked back in my journal entries and inspirational messages and could see that a story could be created out of my entries..

What was the inspiration for 20 Beautiful Men?
With 20 Beautiful Men, I wanted to showcase men in a different light and to inspire, educate and empower African American Men to create the absolute best version of themselves, …mind body and spirit, through our many, many stories..

What was the most revealing part of talking to your subjects?
Even though I knew the multi-faceted sides of our brothers, I was still taken aback by the level of passion to tell and how they told their stories. I could see and feel that it was therapy for them as well..

Who is your favorite author?
My favorite author is Langston Hughes.

Besides being an author, What else do you do?
Im a life coach and Holistic Health Coach whose purpose is to Inspire, Educate and Empowe others to create the healthiest version of themselves. …Mind, Body and Spirit.. Additionally, I have an internet radio show that can be seen globally to achieve these life points, called The Wellness Architect Show on Mondays from 7-9pm.. It can be heard AND SEEN on www.statusnetwork.net

The Book & Ordering information:

Publication date 2017
Available by direct purchase
PayPal & CashApp accounts.
PayPal – www PayPal.me/kev211
Cash app – $WellnessArchirect
Each book is signed.
Page count 133
Genre: personal development

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