Give The Gift Of Hope At No Cost To Your Church

With the crazy challenges of 2020, teens need hope. Your teens can give the gift of hope at no cost to your church.

With the Life Book, I have seen students for the very first time read the gospel and give their hearts and lives to Jesus.
C. Bandy, Youth Leader, GA

We’d love to send your church Free Life Books for your teens to give as gifts to their friends and peers this fall.

1. Pastors and Youth Leaders can request from 100 to 2500 Free Life Books

The Life Book is 96 pages, includes the entire Gospel of Mark (ESV), interactive student reactions, and a call to trust Christ as Lord and Savior.

2. Your teens give them as gifts to their friends and peers

The kids came alive and wanted more books to give to their unsaved friends. This is the best put together book I’ve seen in a long time. It has impacted so many teens that most teens come back and get extra books to give to their friends.
Roy Durieux, Youth Pastor, OH

3. Hope spreads as God’s Word goes out

As a youth ministry we have distributed over 5,000 life books in schools over the past year. We have seen the life book start students to reading more of the Bible. This has been a great tool. Thank you for providing this awesome service!
Terry Workman, Pastor, AL

4. Your teens have an eternal impact

I challenged them to share them with their friends. They took them to school, they gave them to students. Two documented salvations. Hundreds of Gospel conversations. Our 1300 are gone except for about two dozen. Love this tool.
Dr. Eddy Bunton, Youth Pastor, NC

Request Your Free Life Books today.

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