Artists cover ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ to combat prejudice and racism

Singing sensations Bianca and Maritza decided that the only way to combat prejudice and racism is to show that education and unity are far more effective than trying to ban the brilliance of people like Wallace Willis.

Singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot to celebrate one of America’s finest ever lyricists, this is about unity through music across the globe,

Wallace was a Native American and a freed slave born in 1820 .He wrote some of the best spiritual songs including “I am Rollin’ ” and “The Angels are coming” A man of his ability and vision should be celebrated and enjoyed. “Swing Low” is often sung at funerals and in 1987 was sung at Twickenham to honour the flying winger Martin Offiah (whose nick name was “Chariots Offiah”.

The song is about people going to heaven on a chariot. In rugby terms, it is about the ball being carried over the try line. It is a beautiful song both in melody and in lyrics.

Bianca and Maritza state:

“All we hope is that the video does Mr Willis justice. The only way to fight fear and prejudice is to celebrate brilliant people.This should be done whatever their ethnicity, their original circumstances whether they were born in a castle or a wendy house.”

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