Coronavirus: British companies deliver British solution to UK Prime Minister

A consortium of British companies has delivered a British ‘end to end’ Covid testing and technology solution to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and No 10 Downing Street following his daily press briefing and announcement on the increase in Covid-19 cases. 

The consortium led by Manchester based cyber technology VST Enterprises (VSTE) presented a plan to the British Prime Minister and the DCMS Select Committee for an end to end rapid covid testing, health passport and contact tracing app solution that will allow for the safe return of fans to sports stadiums, music venues and theatres to FULL CAPACITY without the need for social distancing. 

The FANS ARE BACK plan has also received the backing and support of former Sports Minister Richard Caborn, former England Rugby captain Mike Tindall MBE and his wife the Equestrian World Champion and 2012 Silver Medalist Zara Tindall MBE.  The plan will also help alleviate the much anticipated pressure to the NHS from its current and predicted testing capabilities, which have already been identified as being ‘at capacity.’

The end to end 360 degree solution FANS ARE BACK plan was conceived by VST Enterprises, sports management and rights holder REDSTRIKE, public health and event safety management company HALO and occupational health and testing provider LATUS HEALTH. The plan involves the use of 10 minute rapid test kits, a secure digital health passport that will authorise a persons identity and their Covid 19 test status.  A built in ‘contact tracing app’ that uses anonymised data to detect ‘positive’ infection contacts within venues, stadiums and theatres also forms part of the groundbreaking technology offering.

The ultra secure contact tracing app – which has been in development for the last 5 months – is part of the digital health passport that Manchester based tech company VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE) has built inside its existing VHealth Passport™ infrastructure. The health passport which is test agnostic – allows it to work with all rapid tests and PCR based lab testing. It also uses the most secure and advanced cyber technology coding VCode® which means that all personal information and data is ultra secure and cannot be hacked. Most importantly the contact tracing app does not divulge a persons identity or information and uses anonymised data.

The combined VHealth Passport™ and contact tracing technology is available and ready to deploy now with a substantial supply chain in excess of 100 million rapid Covid-19 test kits which can be used to get sports fans back into stadiums, music fans back into concert venues and theatre-goers back into the West End. 

The contact tracing element to the VHealth Passport™ allows all music venues, concert arenas, sports stadiums and theatres to display a unique ‘geo fenced’ VCode® which is locked to that venue and must be scanned as fans ‘check in’.  Fans will only be allowed to physically ‘check into’ the venue if they have downloaded the VHealth Passport and taken a Covid-19 test prior to entry.  The rapid test and VHealth Passport is priced at £15 and the company currently has 200 testing centres within its app which is expected to rise to over 1000 testing centres in the next two weeks.

The VCode® is geo date and time fenced and locked to a specific venue. When the person enters the venue they will be scanned for their test status as Green for negative, Red for positive and Amber for indicating the countdown to another test date. All interactions with VHealth Passports™ or venue codes are stored anonymously thus allowing the person/s to remain completely anonymous, thus not infringing their personal privacy. Any positive test result will notify any and all confirmed contacts automatically that attended that venue and that were scanned into that venue VCode® on the day. The system can also notify contacts either side of the scanned date of entry up to 1 week prior and 1 week post attendance.

Louis-James Davis CEO of VST Enterprises and inventor of the VHealth Passport™ and contact tracing app said;

“VHealth Passport™ is the unique 360 degree solution in getting all music venues, concerts, sports stadia and theatres back to full capacity securely and safely without the need to social distance.

We know that whilst social distancing pilots have worked, they cannot be sustained in the long term because of the financial economics of not having fans present. A regime of rapid testing alongside existing PCR based tests is the only way we can progress forward and was in tune with how the Prime Minister outlined the Governments plan for mass testing. This is vital not just for the British economy but our entire way of life. Concert venues, sports stadiums, theatres cannot survive much longer without an end to end solution, that is safe and secure from a testing perspective, public health and security and protection of data.  Because the VHealth Passport™ is test agnostic it means the technology can work with all test providers, both rapid testing  and PCR based and those with Government approval.

Also as the contact part of the ‘track and trace’ is completely anonymised this means a persons privacy and personal information is not shared and their location is not tracked in real time, other than their ‘check in’ to a sports stadium, music venue or theatre.  This is no different from a music fan using Facebook to ‘check into’ a pop concert with his or her friends and tagging them. The VHealth Passport™ is also GDPR and HIPPA compliant.”

He added;

“The Governments NHS contact tracing app had a number of issues from privacy and security through to false flag alerts and a general apathy by the public to engage. Simply there was no incentive for the public to engage and adopt the ‘Track & Trace” system.  The reason why the VHealth Passport™ will have greater engagement with the public is simply down to incentive. We engage with audiences to adopt testing and passporting and incentivise their attendance.  If a music or sports fan or theatre-goer wants to attend an event then they will only be allowed into that venue having taken a Covid 19 test prior to their arrival and their ‘negative’ test result uploaded to a valid VHealth Passport™ by a qualified health care professional and scanned upon entry.”

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