Brand new video series from Make Jesus Known

Make Jesus Known is releasing a brand new video series called THE WAY aimed at new Christians and those wanting to get answers to those uncomfortable questions about Jesus and what it is to be a Christian.

The video series has been inspired by the fact that MJK sees lots of people becoming Christians online and this seems to be the place where many go seeking God or looking for answers. 

Through the content, they want to get honest and dig deeper into these questions so that it gives others a clear understanding and also challenges people to think, listen and learn together or individually. 

Tim Cooke, CEO of MJK said,

“We wanted to address the questions that come up frequently in the comments and messages on the MJK social channels so that people can get the answers they need in one place rather than having to search across different places and platforms to try and find them. We hope this series will encourage everyone, Christians, Non-Christians, Churches, youth groups, something for anyone and everyone just to get together, chat and share about Jesus at home together, on your own or as part of a Bible study.”

The videos will be released regularly as part of the series starting in October, these are short animated videos with voiceovers from the team at MJK discussing the serious, the uncomfortable and the challenges of being a Christian today.

Each Monday evening at 8:30pm some of the team go live on Facebook discussing different topics and answering questions that might have come up prior to the stream and also answering those asking live questions too – the team hope to be able to use these videos to continue conversations and answer any other questions that might come up.  

MJK constantly strives to bring encouragement and the message of Jesus to others through their social platforms, iTruth app and YouTube channel, wherever a person is at on their own journey of faith.

Keep your eyes peeled for video one being released soon.

Further information can be found on the website at




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