‘Thy Will Be Done: The 2021 Lent Book’

Immerse yourself in the most central, important and iconic of Christian prayers.

At a time of change, uncertainty and widespread anxiety, we need to discover again the freshness of our most familiar spiritual
resources. Stephen Cherry’s Thy Will Be Done does exactly this by inviting the reader to immerse themselves in the most central,
important and iconic of Christian prayers – the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father.

Mining the tradition for wisdom and insight, and finding inspiration in the theologians of the past such as St Paul, Gregory of Nyssa, John
Calvin, but also more contemporary voices such as Evelyn Underhill, Simone Weil, and Michelle Obama, Thy Will Be Done presents the
comforts and challenges of the prayer in 36 short chapters.

This most accessible Lent Book, rich in anecdote as well as analysis, is daily bread for the spiritually hungry. Stephen Cherry is the Dean of King’s College Cambridge and its Director of Studies in Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion. His previous books include The Dark Side of the Soul, Healing Agonyand Barefoot Disciple.

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