LWPT Reprints Two Popular Bible Month Study Guides

LWPT, in collaboration with the Methodist Church, have reprinted popular Bible Month guidesLetter of James and Jonah. These 30 day, book of the Bible study guides are available to order in October in hard copy online at www.preachweb.org/advance-orders for £1 plus £1.50 pp. Bible Month booklets help churches and circuits during busy seasons to plan a four-week programme focusing on a single biblical book. Bible Month involves three key elements: firstly, using the preaching notes (and tips) Preachers can prepare and preach a series of sermons on the chosen biblical book, over four Sundays of a month of their choice; secondly, it can be used by Small Group Leaders to run a Bible Month group focusing on the same book to help the whole church family to engage with the text in fresh and innovative ways; and thirdly, it includes ideas and resources for Youth and Children Leaders to draw all ages in to understand the Word of God together.

The latest Bible Month booklet, 30 days with Ruth, was launched in January 2020 and follows the 30 days in Colossians booklet; Jonah; and The Letter of James. In 2021, the Bible Month resource will be the Gospel of Mark. 30 days in Ruthbooklet can be used by churches to engage with the Book of Ruth over four weeks. It includes Bible notes with preaching ideas by Dr Rachel Starr, small group study guides by Charlotte Hendy and Dr Jasmine Devadason, children and youth resources by Claire Knight and Gail Adcock, a reflection on the meaning of home by Jo Swinney, plus ideas for further resources. These booklets are available in full colour hard copies for £1 plus £1.50 pp at www.preachweb.org/biblemonth

Worship suggestions, produced by the Methodist Church for churches or study groups to follow alongside the material in 30 days of Ruth, are available to download for free at https://www.preachweb.org/worship-resources

Videos which provide support with teaching on the Book of Ruth are also available on YouTube. The two 1-hour videos by Dr Rachel Starr, author of 30 days in Ruth magazine, are hugely popular with over 1000 views. You can watch the videos here: part 1 and part 2. Margaret Fancy – Worship Leader, North Lancashire Circuit, states ‘I very much enjoyed the recent Bible Month study on the Book of Ruth. The resource notes were enjoyable to read and very helpful in putting the characters into context as the story unfolded; they explained why people acted as they did.

The notes also clarified different themes – Refugees, Home, Famine and Relationships – as the story progressed.’

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