Sarah Téibo: From the United Kingdom to the United States

By Ben Harrell with Milton B. Allen – Global Music Link Editorial Team

UK gospel sensation, Sarah Téibo, is a chart-topping singer/songwriter and worship leader who has no boundaries. Sarah is taking her music across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States to deliver a message of God’s love. Sarah Téibo has entered into a distribution deal with IndieBlu Music, a division of eOne Nashville, with her latest single ‘Spirit, Come’ – available now. With an extensive impact in Europe, Africa and Australia, Sarah aims to share her passion for God on a global scale.

eOne Nashville has made a commitment to building relationships with and supporting ministry-focused artists. Sarah joins a family of gospel favorites, such as Jonathan McReynolds, Todd Dulaney, JJ Hairston, Deitrick Haddon and John P. Kee. This union will support Sarah’s international gospel footprint and introduce new listeners to her gift of praise. 

Sarah speaks with Keep The Faith on being signed to an American label: “When it comes to gospel music and being signed by an American label for distribution of my music, I think I’m in good company, because the likes of Naomi Parchment and the Kingdom Choir (to mention a few) have set the pace already. There might not be that many of us pushing through phenomenally on a global scale at the moment, but I believe the world is starting to hear more from UK gospel music artists, and the rich, diverse, timely, yet timeless sound and message that we bring.”

Sarah is no stranger to delivering messages of strength, which is evidenced by her 2015 debut single, ‘Steal My Joy’. Her debut album, Walk with Me, put gospel listeners on notice, as she won multiple awards, including the Premier Gospel Awards ‘Album of the Year’. Sarah’s 2018 sophomore album, Keep Walking, helped her become the first female independent gospel artist to top the Official Charts. “I don’t do what I do to get awards, because that’s not the prize a gospel artist should be chasing. It’s about the souls that get touched by your music. When we leave this world, God is not going to judge us in Heaven by how many plaques we had on our mantelpieces. He’s going to look at how many souls we’ve blessed with the gift He gave us,” she says.

Sarah is using her gifts to put together her next album, which is set for release in 2021. “My new project will be slightly different from my previous albums, in that most of my listeners and fans may be used to me expressing myself musically via the soulful gospel/r’n’b genre. This is only one side of me, and in my forthcoming releases, listeners will see other sides of me that may only have been witnessed by those who have seen me lead worship live.”

British-born Sarah serves as a worship leader at Kings Church, London. From her roots, she led worship as a teen: “I started singing in choirs when I was 10, kind of developed from there, just backing up artists and things like that, and just knowing that one day I was going to do my own thing, and here I am today.” Today is here, and Sarah pours decades of experience into her next album. “I’m a worship leader primarily, and my passion is to help people make deeper connections with God through moments of worship and with uplifting music that speak truths about who God is and who we are in Him. This would be expressed on my next project through the writing, production and delivery of the songs, and I’m trusting that the entire project will serve as a resource in both personal and corporate worship experiences.”

The joy and the zeal that are emitted in her presence can be experienced through her music. The groundbreaking song, ‘Like A Child (Remix)’ featuring Fred Hammond, invites you to putyour dancing shoes on, as you move to a rhythm that reminds you to trust God. It is this emotion, wrapped in the melodies of Sarah’s music, that makes her sound unique. Her latest single will move you to tears as she urges you to seek His company. 

‘Spirit, Come’, the first single from the new album, challenges us to remember who our Saviour is. This year has greeted us with pandemics, destruction and death, but Sarah quietens our fears by calling out to the Father. “People are lacking hope, people are fearful and uncertain about the future. We all face crazy trials that are overwhelming at times. We need more positive, encouraging messages.” Sarah is calling for God’s presence to face the pain. Her soothing voice puts you in a state of worship, and ushers you into a place of joy as you move into His presence. There is a powerful message in this song, as Sarah reminds us to get closer to God by having a renewed fire for Him. Sarah hopes to help listeners connect to the one Person who can make a change. 

“The first release from the album, ‘Spirit, Come’ is a heartfelt prayer for God’s Spirit to move in these unsettling times, touching hearts, restoring families, and bringing healing to the nations,” says Sarah. “My hope for ‘Spirit, Come’ is that for as many as listen to the song, it would serve as a useful resource in their personal and corporate worship experiences, as well as help them make deeper connections with God.” 

Sarah Téibo is forming new alliances and making new music engrained with the same foundation of faith and family. She learned about faith at an early age, as her family was evicted, with nowhere to go. This was a challenging time that actually strengthened her relationship with God. “He definitely came through for us. God would always be there for us and would always come through for us.”

Sarah also walked in faith when she decided to pursue music professionally. She started her music career after she was married with kids. “It was really challenging for me, because I was coming into an industry which had lots of young blood. I thought, ‘Who would even listen to me?’ There were a lot of young people out there doing some great stuff, but I didn’t allow it to stop me.” While Sarah had doubts whether people would like her music, she pressed through. She understood that some people would love her music while some would not. Sarah was motivated by the fact that she knew she had something to offer. 

Now with her partnership with eOne Nashville, Sarah will have the opportunity to broadcast her music with a solid foundation that will resonate with many new listeners. Sarah’s music looks to bring a forecast of reassurance and strength amidst the many obstacles we will face in 2021 and beyond. With new music like ‘Spirit, Come’, we understand and are reminded that we are not alone. “Ultimately my prayer is that people are inspired when they listen to my music,” she says.

Sarah Téibo is here to stay, and ready to share God’s love through her music. 

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