Vitoria Mario ready to fly high following Taylor Swift donation

Vitoria Mario is set to achieve her dream to study Mathematics at the University of Warwick, after she raised more than £40,000 on fundraising site GoFundMe – helped greatly by a donation of £23,373 by pop star, Taylor Swift.

Vitoria was overjoyed at Taylor’s donation. She said: “It was a blessing out of the blue, a blessing that I definitely needed.” This 18-year-old Christian gained one A and two A*s in her recent A Level results, and was offered a place at the University of Warwick to study Mathematics. 

However, Vitoria was unable to get a student loan to cover her study costs, because she hadn’t been in the UK for five years or more, and was therefore ineligible. Her mother sent her to England four years ago in 2016, to stay with relatives following the death of her father.  

When she arrived, she was unable to speak English, but in just two years, not only could Vitoria speak English, but she also completed her GCSEs and scored A* in her exam results.

Now that she has reached her financial goal, she continues to pursue her dream to be a mathematician.

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