Ramsays Reality

Have you ever wondered what pastors get up to when they’re not behind the pulpit? Not all families in ministry have as much drama going on, as in the OWN TV series, Greenleaf

A new series by W TALK, called Ramsays Reality, was launched on YouTube on August 21. The series follows the life of church leaders Reverend Tim and Minister Adwoa Ramsay, their three children – Timmika, Shiloh and Josiah – and granddaughter, Lylaa Rose. It shows the family as they deal with the pressures that come with being in full-time Christian ministry.  

The Ramsays are not afraid to discuss real, taboo topics. From teenage pregnancy to racism and policing, no stone is left unturned. Tobi Olujinmi, the show’s creator and founder of W TALK, states: “We need to see more authentic Black families on our screens. Black families have always been the centre of the Black Church, and so we’re excited to introduce this family to the world.”

Visit YouTube channel W TALK for further details.

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