‘Tribe Redeem’ minister stars in Tesco advert

It’s very rare to see a Black church leader featured in an advert promoting a leading supermarket, but this was the case with South Londoner, Antony Aris-Osula. This minister, who leads online ministry Tribe Redeem, can be seen, alongside his wife Jahlene and children – Tiani (14), Eva (12) and Adolor (10) – promoting Tesco’s, one of Britain’s foremost supermarket stores.

The opportunity came after Antony returned to acting, after a long break. He was headhunted and signed by one of the leading agencies in the UK, which also represents Hollywood actor, Idris Elba. Antony got the gig after filming an audition tape at home, with his family in the background, and although Antony was the person being auditioned for the advert, Tesco’s liked his family set-up, and booked the whole family to do it with him.

To say he’s happy with the advert is an understatement. Antony said: “It’s a great feeling to be in a commercial that I can be proud of. I’m getting waves from people in the street, and others are looking and smiling.”

Antony’s family also enjoyed being in the advert. He shared: “They loved it, thought it was fun, and they loved the outcome of seeing themselves on telly.”

Antony has been an actor for many years.  Ten years ago, he was featured in a successful advert that was broadcast across Africa. As a minister who understands the power of social media and entertainment to influence the masses, Antony has launched YouTube channel, It’s The Aris-Osulas. He explained: “The aim of the channel is to entertain and talk about the things we love. We are a family of storytellers, with talents we want to show. We want to showcase the best of Black.”

He added: “We also want to show light in the mainstream. Our plan is to be major producers, to make shows and films, and to partner with major organisations to create content. We don’t just want to be about complaining about representation and diversity; we want to be creating it.”

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