Outreach Newspaper Bucks Digital Trend

MONTHLY Christian newspaper Good News has sold almost one million copies in the UK every year for the last six years.

Although in 2020 the outreach aid’s circulation has inevitably been hit by church closures during the pandemic, Good News is succeeding while many other newspapers have declined or closed due to the digital revolution.

Used by evangelical churches of all denominations across the country, plus individual Christians and missions, the full colour tabloid-style paper has caught the imagination of those who want to share the Gospel with their neighbours. Good News features the testimonies of both celebrity and ‘ordinary’ Christians – showing how God transforms lives.

Run by a small team of dedicated Christians as a registered charity, Good News started from scratch in 2001 and now normally prints around 75,000 copies each month, with the Christmas edition rising to over 100,000.

Editor Andrew Halloway says:

“We are not publicising these sales figures to crow about them, but to let local churches struggling to reach their communities know that other churches have found a way to do it.

“Good News distribution is a tried and tested method of enthusing congregations about evangelism and engaging them in reaching people in their area.

“From the regular flow of commitments to Christ that we see from the decision coupons sent to us, plus the anecdotes from churches who see how effectively Good News provides opportunities for evangelistic conversations, we know Good News works.

“We give the glory to God for that, as we support the Church in its task to reach the unchurched.”

One user in Kent, says:

“Praise the Lord that you keep the paper interesting to non-church folk. I deliver the paper to a number of people who live nearby here in Orpington, and out of 80 people I’ve asked so far, over 70 per cent like to read it, and only 26 per cent say they don’t want it.”

“When a couple of members of another church nearby started distributing the paper, they were able to pray with three people on their first outing! They simply rang the bell and said, ‘Would you like some Good News?’ and the people said, ‘Yes, because…’, and so my friends were able to pray about their situation.”

For free samples and more information either call 0115 9233424 or visit www.goodnews-paper.org.uk.

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