The Ninefold Path – Explore the ancient wisdom of the beatitudes

We are at a historical moment between the conflicted scene we find ourselves in today and the reality of what the future will look like. In this uncertainty, our need is for resources to anchor and guide us to endure the course. The ancient teachings of ‘the Beatitudes’ offer a pathway, an invitation to live into a new reality. 

As a mixed-race adoptee raised in a white British family, events surrounding the BLM movement triggered a surge of complex emotions. I watched with admiration the solidarity displayed in protest marches. Yet felt emotional exhaustion, guilt and discomfort as a spectator, when even my white British friends participated – some of whom knew more about black history than I do. Such complex emotions I am still to resolve around aspects of my identity because of the personal gaps in my history and heritage.  Enough for me to switch off from the bombardment of news and social media. 

We all have our own way of processing the near trauma of recent months, the pandemic, BLM, Brexit, climate change, and on and on. Yet in the mix of all this fragmentation, raw emotion, and uncertainty is a voice offering another perspective, the voice of the Author of the Beatitudes – nine sayings that invite us to participate in the healing of this broken world.

These words bring consolation and hope with wisdom so gentle, yet so powerful it can transform us. The Ninefold Path meets our brokenness with compassion, humility, justice and pure motive so we become part of the solution in shaping the future we long to see.  To ‘embrace each other as family’ is not some far-fetched ideology, but a social reality which can begin here and now.  Are we ready to tune in and live out the message that will carry us towards this new reality?

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Michelle Savage

Michelle is the founder of Sawiyan, a community project based in Sparkbrook, Birmingham – where people can come together from diverse ethnic, faith and cultural backgrounds to learn and grow to appreciate each other’s cultures, skills and strengths. She is also a micro-grant officer with the Cinnamon Network, supporting local churches to set up sustainable social action projects.

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