New Single from GhostLotus – ‘Keep Your Faith’

GhostLotus has released a new single called “Keep Your Faith” which is about persevering despite being against the odds. The message is in those life moments when it doesn’t really look like things can change, you can’t see how God will turn it around, but you have to keep your faith. It’s in those moments you choose to trust and hold onto the truth that “Anyone who trusts in him will never be disgraced.” as it says in Romans 10:11.

GhostLotus resides in Derby, UK but is originally from Congo. Since 15yrs old he has been writing, recording and performing his own tracks. He has always seen music as an art form and pursues perfection by expressing real-life situations through his music. 

In early 2017 he released his Cityscape mixtape which showcased his talent, raw style and tenacity and instantly put him in the spotlight. 

In 2019 he took a hiatus from releasing music but now he’s back with new music on the way. 

With his skills as a lyricist, tempered with being able to produce his own tracks make for an artistic and exciting culmination!!

Listen to the New Single – Keep Your Faith :

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