Soulful singer-songwriter Beth Ingabire releases debut album ‘Yeshua’

Introspective and soothing, ‘Yeshua’ is the debut album to come from Ugandan / Rwandese singer-songwriter Beth Ingabire. With flourishing vocals and lyrics straight from the soul, Beth Ingabire leads us to worship in the most respectful and enlightening way. Beth describes the writing process as woven out of moments spent in the presence of God, and feels this album as an expression of enlightenment and worship. Speaking on the album’s aim, Beth explains “I want realness to come out and the truth to sink in further in the hearts of people.”

Now living in Illinois and working as a worship director, Beth Ingabire has always found comfort and solace in words and in music. Taking the form of poetry and song lyrics and music, she channels her feelings and emotions as well as personal lessons learnt into her music. She hopes that by sharing her story and songs she will help to guide others to the peace she has found.

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