CEO, Junior Stewart, Launches Online Business For Born Again Christians

“There is no job security.  I was made redundant due to COVID-19. Not eligible for the Government furlough scheme.  With a new-born baby, wife and 2 children to support. Universal Credit paid us £8.60 each per week, for a family of five.  How are we supposed to survive?,”

says Junior Stewart, 45, a Born-Again Christian from London.

Within less than 30 days of Junior, upskilling and completing his Accredited Diploma in Internet Marketing, achieving a distinction grade (92%).  He launches GoDigital School, London’s first internet marketing training for Born Again Christians.  Helping them to protect their incomes by growing their own profitable online business from home, quickly, easily, and confidently.

Instant Lifetime Access. 100% Video On Demand. Practical

Instant Lifetime Access. 100% Video On Demand. Practical learning – no theory, just results.

GoDigital School partners with verified online business experts (OBEs), currently running their successful internet businesses, generating 6 – 7 figure incomes in the UK.  Attendees learn from the best internet marketers in the industry, who deliver proven step-by-step quality online training that works.

Their verified OBEs teach Born Again Christians proven strategies to grow an online business from home without prior experience.  Using powerful internet marketing strategies such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Proven Customer Conversion System, Webinars, Podcasts, Chat Bots to boost more leads, convert more customers, and maximise more profit to their online business.

How To Protect Your Income?

“I needed a plan B. A new way to protect my income.  Particularly, with the uncertainty of the economy, rising unemployment and redundancies. It would be a greater risk, to rely on employers who cannot guarantee job security or the Government to safeguard the financial wellbeing of my loved ones.  I had to do something different.  And, by the grace of God, He provided a way.”

Admitted To Hospital – UK’s Heart And Lung NHS Specialists

Recent research showed that 6 million people in the UK are now behind on their bills and the situation is getting worse. The second wave of COVID-19 is imminent.  Junior’s faith in Jesus was being tested.  Baptised alongside his wife, Annmarie, on 6th December 2009.  In August last year, he was admitted into Harefield’s Hospital, UK’s Heart and Lung specialists.

After his right lung was filled with infectious fluid, in 98% of cases, the cause is unknown. Junior was admitted to his local hospital. He was then transferred to Harefield’s Hospital on 28th August 2019 after numerous excruciatingly painful procedures had failed. 

Junior says,

“I hadn’t slept properly for almost 10 days, but once I arrived at Harefield Hospital.” Junior explains how he heard the spirit tell him to trust Him.  “That night, I slept for the first time in days, there was an emergency on my ward that night, everyone was up with alarm bells ringing, apart from me who was sleeping peacefully.”

Since recovering from keyhole surgery and being self-employed at the time, he decided to return to the job market in 2020; once his baby was born in February 2020.  Successfully, he found a new sales position starting on 9th March 2020.  Unaware that the COVID pandemic would have him out of a job by the end of March 2020.

The Spirit Says Trust Me

Junior remembers the spirit said to him, ‘trust me’.  Consequently, his story was broadcast ‘live’ from the BBC News to an estimated 96 million viewers.  He began getting approached for opportunities by CEOs and Managing Directors of businesses, who were also uncertain about the future.

A Leap Of Faith

According to The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK) 88% of UK employers surveyed admitted that finding qualified individuals with up-to-date digital skills is a challenge for their business.  So armed with this information, Junior enrolled himself on a CPD Accredited Diploma in Internet Marketing.

 “I couldn’t afford the course but I knew that more and more people were using the internet to buy products, services and finding answers to solutions. I do not want what happened to me to happen to anyone.  Lockdown has been a blessing, as it has strengthened my faith in Christ,”

says Junior.

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